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Thankfully, ‘Man bag’ is no longer a derogatory term. Nowadays, men can express their style with every bag they carry – from the office to the gym. So you’re no longer stuck with lugging around a stuffy business briefcase or a generic gym bag. But even though you have so much free reign in choosing a bag, you still want to make sure you’re making the right impression, whether in a professional or a casual context. And working out which bag will both look the part and fit your requirements isn’t easy. So we’ve come up with this guide to precisely what you need to know to choose the right men’s bag.

Choosing a men’s business bag

Men's Bag - Briefcase For Laptop

The box-style briefcase is a thing of the past. But stylish men’s briefcases do exist. Men’s crossbody leather bags are somewhere between a laptop bag and the briefcase of old. These can fit all your documents and electronics whilst giving your business look a stylish boost.

To make sure that your business bag is professional enough, you should opt for black, dark brown or tan leather. The over-the-shoulder strap makes this kind of bag an easy option when multitasking your coffee, croissant, and morning commute.

Leather Business Briefcase for Men

Choosing a travel bag

Laptop Backpack For Men Waterproof Plus USB Charging Port

A leather men’s backpack can be a great option if you’re often going on quick city breaks or travelling for business. They’re the right size for the carry on luggage but large enough to fit your clothes for the weekend and your laptop or city guide!

They’re also perfect for hands-free carry when you’re dashing about town. Choosing one with a leather finish means the bag looks stylish and professional so that it can double for business and casual uses.

Laptop Backpack For Men Waterproof Plus USB Charging Port

Choosing a men’s business wallet

When choosing a wallet for business use, the primary consideration is that it doesn’t bulk out your suit. When you’ve paid good money for a well-fitted suit, you don’t want a substantial protruding lump in your trouser or jacket pocket ruining the look.

For this reason, we recommend going for a slim, folding leather wallet. With a wallet like this, you can keep all your credit cards, business cards and cash in one place while maintaining a professional and stylish silhouette.

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Choosing a men’s day bag

Even when we’re just spending the day shopping or catching up with friends, it can be helpful to have a bag for some essentials. It used to be just women who had this luxury for their day to day needs. But not anymore!

Men’s shoulder bags are getting more and more popular. And adding one to your wardrobe means you can spend the day out and about while remaining connected and prepared for all eventualities.

We recommend this PU leather shoulder bag. It comes with a built-in charger for your electronics, can fit your iPad and paper notepad, and there’s even enough room for your sunglasses and umbrella, should the weather be having an indecisive day!

PU Shoulder Bag

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